Farm From A Box – Is This The Future?

ethiopa farming program

Most people have become increasingly aware of the movements to end hunger by 2050. New methods of farming, and ways for people who lack the skills and the resources to become sustainable are changing now. While North America has all the general resources to produce crops at will, many countries in the world have few options. What has changed?

The latest development for farmers seeking to make a real difference is the Farm From A Box company, started by Brandi DeCarli and Scott Thompson, who take this fresh concept to people all over the world. Give them all the tools they will need and they can feed themselves for a lifetime.

They have been working on this project for the majority of the last 3 years, and the system they have created addresses 3 key areas that they believe is causing the global food crisis which leads to starvation and undernourishment.

  • Increase food production across the world to feed 9.6 billion people by 2050.
  • Training and Employing people with an agricultural background to encourage economic growth.
  • Reduce damage to the environment through more natural farming practices that leads to healthy crops.

Ethopia has been some of the first to benefit from the Farm From A Box with their launched program called Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency (EATA), which has been a huge hit in promoting economic growth, and furthering the nourishment of the unfortunate throughout the country.

Read more about the additional efforts made in other countries from the exclusive Huffington Post article.

Farm Life at its Best

imagesRecreation is very important for everyone in life. In the first place, it keeps us from being idle. Secondly it also ensures that we remain fit as a fiddle to face the rigors of the materialistic world. One such way to have access to recreation is to get close to nature. One can visit a farm wherein one can learn a lot about nature’s way of dealing with things. The farm philosophy is that one gets a chance to experience the human animal contact firsthand. Humans have a lot to share with their animal counterparts.

One such farm is the Jericho Settlers Farm which was founded in 2002. One healthy aspect of the farm is the quality of food raised by them without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals. Organic food is grown on the farms and includes vegetables, fruits as well as medicinal herbs. Organic food is good because of the absence of harmful chemicals in it.

In such a farm one can be in close contact with animals and get to know them better. One more advantage of these farms is that the farm animals like sheep and pigs grow up entirely on a clean and hygienic vegetarian diet. This ensures that their meat is of the highest quality and is known as local grass raised meat and is reputed for its nutritive value. These farms use alternative methods of generating electricity such as making us of solar energy.

The hens on the farm thrive on the pasture and hence the eggs they produce are referred to as solar eggs. They are also fed on Non-Genetically Modified plant diet. In addition one can also learn how horses live and eat. One can learn horse riding and other equestrian events here with the best breeds of horses right from the beginner level to the expert level.